A New Type

Of Support

  It’s tech support with a major difference. Us.

In-School Tech Support.

A different take on traditional tech support.

Our tech support isn’t just turning it off and on again. It’s about creating technology rich learning environments that work for teachers and students.

We take the time to understand the your teaching & learning goals and convert that into classroom ready solutions. 

A Learning First Approach.

There when you need us.

Our learning first approach ensures teachers feel understood and supported in their classroom with technology

Our technicians are passionate about building personable relationships with all members of staff and offer 1-on-1 teacher development, software information sessions and in class support with technology based lessons.

"Having an on-site consultant is fantastic"

“..whenever there are any issues I know I can call our eduTech support consultant and they can come into the classroom and get us back on track. It’s so much easier having someone able to walk you through a new app or fix the issue at your desk rather then trying to do it over the phone or having to wait hours for a technician to come out”.


Pair Your Support.

The best opportunity for your school.

Looking to expand your schools tech base with more than just support? Have a complete overhaul of your schools tech culture.

Our most popular engagement involves incorporating both  our services – Tech Support and Professional Learning – to create a strategic plan towards innovative teaching and learning. 

Let Us Support Your School.

We’re here to change the culture around tech.

Let us support your school take the leap into technology enriched learning. 

Culture Tech is about supporting and developing your whole school community and with all schools, no matter size or location.  

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