Q&A with School Teacher Sarah Newman

Sarah is a classroom teacher and team leader at Anula Primary School. We recently talked to Sarah about some of the technology-based learning she now integrates into her classroom since working alongside Culture Tech, and her advice to other teachers who still feel apprehensive about using more technology throughout their teachings.

Tell us about your experience working with Culture Tech? Was it an easy process?

Working with Culture Tech was such a supportive and worthwhile experience. The crew at Culture Tech make the process incredibly easy, with all members having great expertise and knowledge.

Prior to working with Culture Tech, what was your biggest challenge with technology within the classroom?

My biggest challenge with technology prior to working with Culture Tech was trying to implement the use of technology into my classroom beyond it being used as a tool to use rather than it being a tool to create. 

What technology-based learning practices have you since integrated into your teachings?

With the support of Culture Tech, I have been able to implement a range of technology-based learning practices in my classroom. My students are creating Digital Portfolios, students with specific learning needs have alternatives such as speech to text, assistive technology programs, the learning activities are created with Apple Apps such as Garage Bands, Pages, Keynote, iMovie at the forefront.

What benefits have you experienced since working with Culture Tech?

The benefits of working with Culture Tech are hard to put into words, however I would say that I am more confident with integrating technology into my classromm as a learning tool, my students have developed strong skills across all of the technology curriculum, my classroom has become more ecofriendly with less paper being used, my students have the ability to be creative and innovative in ways that I couldn’t have imagined.

What advice would you give other teachers who might be apprehensive about integrating technology further into their lessons?

My advice if you are apprehensive about integrating technology into your classroom, is to put aside your fears and concerns and to step back and be a student, learn, overcome hurdles, adapt, and enjoy!