Q&A with School Principal Adam Dicks

Looking at new ways you can incorporate technology into your teachings? Or, feeling apprehensive in taking the leap to completely embrace technology and its opportunities in your classroom? 

We recently spoke with Adam Dicks, the teaching principal at Mamaruni Primary School. Learn more about his experience with Culture Tech and the integration process of technology within the school. 

Tell us about your experience working with Culture Tech? Was it an easy process?

We have had a fantastic experience working with Culture Tech. We have been able to voice ideas about data collection, behaviour management and curriculum delivery, and Culture Tech work overtime to make this a streamlined process using technology that suits our needs. 

Prior to working with Culture Tech, what was your biggest challenge with technology within the classroom?

Often we knew what we wanted to achieve using technology but didn’t know how to set up devices and create iPad resources, Culture Tech solves all of those issues. 

We did not have the ‘know-how’ or the time to set up 50 iPads with multiple Apps, now we have an App to report an issue and that issue is solved that same day. 

What technology-based learning practices have you since integrated into your teachings?

We now have one-to-one iPad access for students. This means throughout our daily curriculum delivery we have multiple opportunities to use the iPads. Our teachers now easily track student progress using Apple Classroom, they share each other’s work using Apple TV, and Air-drop capabilities. Students present ideas using multiple formats including poster design, video presentations, audio recordings, and typed documents. 

What benefits have you experienced since working with Culture Tech?

As a principal, I have so much more time to get involved with the teachers and students in the classroom because I can easily communicate using Microsoft Teams, and Culture Tech has developed easy reporting systems for behaviour management and technical issues, that I don’t have to spend copious amounts of time on.

What advice would you give other teachers who might be apprehensive about integrating technology further into their lessons?

I get it, we struggled with using iPad technology for something more than games and Google searches. But with the right support, this technology has revolutionised the way we deliver the curriculum and assess student work and behaviour. It has cut down staff meetings because we can instantly communicate ideas and notices. It has cut downtime spent on gathering data as it is instantly gathered into student portfolios. The initial set up is time well spent.