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Professional Learning

   Developing your confidence with tech in the classroom.

Professional Learning.

Helping develop leaders, teachers and students.

Our professional learning is driven by research, education technology change frameworks, digital pedagogy and our ability to develop trusted relationships. 

We use a gradual release of responsibility approach for leadership and teachers to implement cultural change, develop teaching practice and deliver enhanced learning experiences. 

Our consultants work side by side in the classroom and around the school, modelling best practice over time to influence change.

Learn From Qualified Teachers.

Our staff have years of classroom experience.

We know that your focus is on teaching and learning and enabling your students to achieve their potential. 

We work with teachers to adopt digital pedagogy and effectively embed technology into the curriculum.

"Jamie was amazing and the lessons were brilliant"

“..The aspect I found most beneficial was watching the students take risks, develop new skills and then use these skills independently with confidence”.


Parap Primary school

How It Works.

An overview of our school integration.

Over a school term, we work one-on-one with teachers to design a unit of work embedded with creativity and innovation.

Our consultant then teaches the lesson allowing the teacher to learn and explore alongside their students. Over the term, the consultant gradually releases the tech empowered lesson back to the teacher.

Finally we capture evidence of our learning to share back to the school. 

We work exclusively with one school or collaboratively with a network of up to 4 schools sharing resources, experiences  and practise. 

Pair Professional Learning & Support.

The ultimate Culture Tech integration for your school.

Have a complete overhaul of your schools tech culture.

We recommend incorporating both Tech Support and Professional Learning services to ensure your learning environments are ready to go for innovative and creative teaching and learning.

Culture Tech

And Your School

We help schools take their technology based learning to the next level.

Let Us Support Your School.

We’re here to change the culture around tech.

Let us support your school take the leap into technology based learning. 

Culture Tech is about supporting and developing our community, so we provide tailored support to all schools, no matter size or location.  

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