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Our Team

Josh Hughes


Josh founded Culture Tech in 2013 to provide schools and small businesses with a unique technology service; blending professional learning, creativity, innovation and support. In the past 7 years he's…

Kahlia Wilson

Marketing Manager

Kahlia is our Marketing professional. Bringing broad experience in internal communications, public relations, utilising multiple channels to deliver successful campaigns and key messages including; social media, eDM, websites, television, print…

Jamie Martin

Professional Learning Consultant

Jamie joined the team in 2019 as a Professional Learning Consultant. A qualified teacher, Jamie brings a wealth of classroom experience and knowledge to this role. Over the span of…

Aniello Nastasi

Technical Support Consultant

Joining Culture Tech in 2016, Aniello has grown in his role to become our lead technical consultant. He goes above and beyond to provide classroom support and training for school leadership,…

Anthony Foscaro

Technical Support Consultant

Anthony brings a kind energy and strong tech ability to his role as a junior technical consultant. He is excited to be working in an industry he is passionate about…

Sean Gillespie

Technical Support Consultant

Sean, a new addition to the team is passionate about all things tech. He puts his Certificate 3 in Information Technology to good use by providing enthusiastic technical support to…

Consultant Network

Laura Meney

Consultant, Creative iPad Classroom

Laura Meney is an innovative leader who has taught in many different educational settings, including P-9 and specialist schools.  An established eLearning Leader, she has a deep understanding of how to empower both…

Shane McGurk

Director & Co-founder, Next Learning

Shane has over 30 years of experience in diverse educational contexts nationally and internationally. In recent years, he has worked as a Professional Learning Consultant with such groups as XciteLogic…

Paul Reid

Director & Co-founder, Next Learning

Paul has accumulated vast experience in a broad range of local and international educational contexts. His education background and experience with three IT companies have enabled him to deliver Strategic…

Matt Richards

Consultant, Creative Digital Learning

A teacher working with teachers. With 18 years of combined teaching experience, Matt solely works independently  to provide inclusive, safe and engaging Professional Learning. Matt is an  Apple Professional…

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