Bakewell Primary School eduTech Support

Support & device management

Culture Tech worked with the Bakewell Primary School executive team to determine the IT and 1:1 iPad management support the school required. In 2018 Bakewell expanded the 1:1 iPad program to include all students in Years 3 – 6 necessitating full-time Tech Support.

Encompassing all IT support and device management, our Tech Support at Bakewell has removed the need for the school to have their own IT specialists or departments.

On-site hands-on support

Tech support is more than just IT support and troubleshooting, our on-site technicians offer in-classroom support and work with teachers and education support staff to ensure they are getting the most out of the devices. Our hands-on approach means we can offer immediate personalised assistance, whether it’s showing a teacher how to use a specific app or pushing a new app out across all devices in the school simultaneously.