7 benefits of integrating technology into your curriculum

Embracing new technologies and new ways of teaching can be a daunting leap to take, but we have seen first-hand the benefits technology can have within a classroom for both students and teachers.

Increases engagement
Students are growing up in a digital world, so they are very familiar and comfortable with using technology. This familiarity and confidence with digital devices has resulted in an increase in classroom engagement. 

Encourages collaboration
Technology has encouraged all students to communicate and share their learnings. 

Develops your skills as a teacher
Technology is constantly changing and developing, this gives teachers the opportunity to continue learning and developing their own skills. 

Saves time
Technology proves to save teachers a lot of time in the classroom including role call, reports, data entry and the ease of searching for any saved documents and information. 

Gives everyone a voice
Some students may not feel comfortable putting their hand up or speaking up in the classroom. Through their iPad devices, every student can contribute their ideas with the teacher and class. 

Provides a life skill for the future
Almost all jobs now require some level of technology competence, integrating technology in the curriculum will help them prepare for life after school. 

Allows for different learning styles
When it comes to the way we learn one size doesn’t always fit all. Technology has allowed us to explore alternative ways of teaching while delivering the same message.